We simulate cycles ….

Did you ever ask yourself how to get from this ...

to this …. ?

Unique 3-Step workflow

VisualCycle can help you …

buy a custom frame:

buy an online bike:

buy a used bike:

Custom frames are manufactured to your body dimensions and therefore can not be returned. Check the framebilders design blueprint before you sign off.

Online bike usually can not be tested before ordering. Save the hassle of returning a non-fitting bike.

Seen your dream bike on auction and your are not sure about the size. Try before you buy.

Adjust seating position:

Use in-build tools to find the correct seat height and a comfortable horizontal seat position.

Try with touch:

Move cycle parts and body parts with a touch of your finger. Turn the crank to see the legs following the pedals through the crank cycle.

Have fun with new designs:

Use your creativity to create new and unique bikes and afterwards ride them yourself. You are able to change all the tubes. (Apart of the ones highlighted in grey, as they are a result of other tubes.)






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