Facebook and Text Message Marketing – Why don’t we see this more often?

The other day a few of us left the office to grab lunch at a local sandwich shop. On what seemed like a fairly normal lunch we ran into an interesting piece of promotional material on the door on our way out (pictured to the left). Similar to the “People Love Us On Yelp“, or the “Check in Here on Foursquare” stickers seen on many local business’ windows around town, it seems Facebook is attempting to appeal to this same type of audience. At least they were.

After some (failed) testing to see whether or not texting like followed by the vanity name of the business in question’s Facebook page (in this case “leescoffee”), we decided to do a little research.

We initially tried to like our local sandwich page’s Facebook page via text, but got no response. After texting help and stop to the short code 32665, or FBOOK (clever girl), and getting no response, we shot over to the Facebook support forums.

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